Back pain is one of the greatest threat to human performance. So many people are out there suffering from different ranges of back pain. Back pain has been found to be one of the leading cause of disability, that is depriving many people from engaging in their everyday activities. Studies has found out that one-half of all working Americans admitted to be having back pain symptoms annually. 80% of the population of America will have experienced back pain at some time in their lifetime. In fact, back pain is the third most common reason why people visit the doctor. Between 1994 to 2015, there was an increase in the disability caused by back pain by 54%. Moreover, back pain has been accounted to be one of the major reasons behind losing of works in a day for every full time worker. So many things have been found to be the cause of lower back pain and even the chronic ones. Are you one of those suffering from back pain and you have been surfing the internet for the right program that will help you cure your back pain? Surf no more because here is a program that will ultimately provide an absolute cure for that back pain. Go through this review about the program to know more about it.

About the Program

The program is a comprehensive program that provide solution about how to permanently subdue and eliminate the original cause of back pain and its symptoms from your body. This program was discovered from a secret that was in found in Leonardo da Vinci 508-year old drawing that was in Leonardo da Vinci’s long lost journal. This sketch was drawn in the year 1510. The program has helped different kind of people in regaining the good state of their back especially the elderly people. They were able to get back to their good state without undergoing costly chiropractors, massage therapy or even physical therapy. The program doesn’t not include ancient voodoo stretch, yoga or Pilate movement, no use of herbal substances or potions. No taking of any pain killer or medications, no usage of any type of steroid or surgical procedure. The program will provide you immediate relief from pain and holistic pain free within 30 days or less. This program works based on the realignment of your spine, which will definitely provide an immediate relief which will go a long way in eliminating your back pain completely. This program is easy to engage in and it is convenient that you can do it from the comfort of your home. The program is not limited to some kind of people. It is applicable to both the old and the young irrespective of their level of back pain and its duration. The period of this program is 5-10 minutes per day which gives a long lasting pain relief. In the process of engaging in the program, the pressure on the spinal column are gently released and the pains disappeared. The program is completely backed by scientific research. The program cost $97 and comes with 60-day money back .

About the Author

The author of this program is Steve Young. He got his PhD in science of joint pain and opened a private practice clinic few meters away from Philadelphia. He had his bachelor degree in Kinesiology from the University of Pennsylvania state University and masters and clinical Doctorate in physical therapy from Drexel. His work has been featured on Fox News, in medical research journals around the world. He is someone whose aim is to assist people in providing the ultimate solution to their back pain terrorizing their performance and hurting them during everyday activities. He has successfully helped over 7500 people to treat their back pain. He has helped people from other countries to overcome their problem of back pains. He was astonished the moment he discovered this secret because of the instant relief as a result of this program. He decided to back up his discovery with scientific approach and evidence-based medical research studies.

How it works

The program reveals how Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing contains the secret to the program, shows how the pharmaceutical companies have been making false claims about back pain which has been increasing their profit, illustrates the common and bad mistakes that people make that cause back pain, unraveled Leonardo’s secret he concealed for years and how his secrets were discovered in indigenous tribes around the world and lastly, introducing and exposing you to the special ,remarkable techniques to get rid of your back pain which will provide you instant relief within 10-minutes session of the program. The program has been tested in over 7500 patients in his clinic in Philadelphia.
Back pain has been found to be the cause of some ineffectiveness in so many people. Some of them are:

  • 80% of people with back pain are deprive of sleep at night which can result to further health complications and problems.
  • About 35% of people with back pain experience less sexual enjoyment and performance.
  • About 20% of Americans have forfeit their work, put an end to some of their lifestyles, reducing their time of work and activities etc

The number of people suffering from back pain has increased by 95% in just last 15 years. Studies have found out that 72% of people with back pain are using pain medication and 20% received opioid prescriptions which are horrible and scary because 14,500 opioid related deaths were recorded in 2016.
However, you are warned against trying this program on your own without a good back pain expert because the odds of this program can piled up massively against you.
Leonardo Da Vinci is known to be creator of some of the greatest art pieces ever in history. He combined his studies into codices, each with hundreds of sketches and drawings of the human body, tissues, organs and systems. One of those studies is what is called “rapid spinal degeneration” which is the real cause of your low back pain. The drawing consists of an “S-curve” and “J-curve” shapes of spinal column. The S-curve is the defective spinal column while the J-curve is the well-structured spinal column.

What are the things that bring about back pain that you must avoid?

  • Rounding your upper back to the extent that it produces hunchback and making it almost impossible to treat back pain. This occurs due to your shoulders and neck pulling forward and your back pushing backward forming hunchback which result to weakening of your upper back muscle and thereby causing back pain. The program gives effective way to align the upper back spine to it perfect shape again.
  • As you have formed hunchback, your head pushed forward which will send intense pressure onto your spinal column making the low back and neck pain even more critical. In the program, there is a process that will teach you how to release that pressure and align your spine very well.
  • Lastly, when the curve at the base of your lower spine become over extended, you will be prone to dangerous risk of herniated discs, trapped nerves and sciatic pain. This is the cause of extreme back pain and it is majorly as a result of too much of sitting down. In this program, there are various means to realign your hips and release your hip flexors and place your spine in the right position.

The 3 step by step process to eliminate back pain us is as briefly described as follows:

  • The first process is used to realign spine column and to release pressure on your three pain points. Immediate relief occur when you get rid of tension by elongating your spine. This process requires 10 minutes per day.
  • The second process is used to put your spine back into perfect alignment devoid of pain. It requires just 30 seconds. You can apply this process whenever you find yourself tight and stiff.
  • The third process is used as a protection or safety during main moments when you are liable to being exposed to harm to your spine for a long period of time throughout your day. The step is easy and unnoticeable to people when you are doing it.

Components in the program

  • 6 Part Video masterclass which contains step-by-step method to treat back pain, every morning activity to realign your spine and ease pressure, sitting routine, how to correct your look that resemble pot belly structured body, back pain extinguisher and lot more
  • The Manual of targeted Spinal Release which contains movement that you apply when back pain comes up, the technique to use at night, bracing strategy, all the useful, movement contained in the program, and etc.
  • Accelerated healing techniques which contains the secret to relieve from back pain instantly, shaping targeted spinal release to your body type, healing your body from the effect of medications, the natural anti-inflammatory solution etc.


  • It helps to repair your muscle imbalances in your hip which decrease chance of getting injured.
  • It sprouts out sound state of health and performance to your body hips, back and joints.
  • It reduces rate of anxiety, depression, stress which can lead to suicide.
  • The program is not limited to people of a particular age as it can be use by both old and young
  • The program is not restricted to a particular fitness level or the level of your pain.
  • The program doesn’t require much time and the steps are easy to practice.
  • The program provides an immediate relief the first time of engaging in the movements in the program.
  • It doesn’t involve strenuous activities.
  • Transform your spine with ease and effectiveness.


The program is access online only.


This program has been deem fit to be one of the best back pain treatment program that can ever be found online. These was stated by people that have make use of the program effectively. It has successfully helped thousands of people around the world. The program has received positive and remarkable feedbacks from them.

In a Nutshell

The essential thing is that don’t ignore that back pain or its symptoms when you start experiencing them but take care of it immediately before it degenerates to a level that it will impaired you completely which can result to more chronic health conditions. Take action today because if you don’t, your pain is going to get worse. Here is a program that will give you the utmost solution to your condition. Don’t try to ignore and withstand that back pain. It is harmful to your life performance

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