A good number of individuals would naturally stay away from hospitals, pharmacies and anything that involves injections or drugs, or to sound more straight forward, anything that would cause pain. Or is it not hilarious that the same things that are supposed to remove our pain also cause their own version of harm.
The Traditional Chinese Medicine have been known to have very effective ways to heal. Okay, even if you have not heard, perhaps, you have seen the use of acupuncture in one or two Chinese movies, now that could be awkward or uncomfortable to apply on yourself, but have you heard of acupressure? Don’t let me jump into so much, we have only just started!
To cure a health issue by natural synergy, a knowledge of the right product or program is required. So, here we go:

About Program

The Natural Synergy System is a complete instruction guide of all anyone needs to do to perform various healing techniques. It involves using natural means to heal the body from various health issues, and there is the good news alert, it requires no drugs or surgery! Natural synergy is a breakthrough natural healing science that involves the combination of acupressure with frequency therapy. With this product serving as a guide, anyone could stay home and heal themselves with the use of nothing but their fingers and distinctive sound frequencies. Isn’t it just fascinating that you don’t have to be somewhere or go through so much to get well ?

About Author

Emily J. Parker and Dr. Lin Xiaoxi are the developers of the Natural Synergy System. Emily was a pharmacist by profession for years and propagated the cause of modern drugs until she fell ill and realized she feared the same drugs she had been giving out, mainly because of their toxicity and other side effects. Her life took a turn when she met Dr. Lin Xiaoxi, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Dr Lin Xiaoxi was able to introduce Emily to the art of traditional Chinese medicine, Emily on the other hand saw positive changes in her health with no toxic effect attached. This eventually made her switch sides completely to become a propagator of Natural Synergy as a means of healing.

How it works

Natural Synergy actually involves the concept of meridian dots called primary meridians, which according to Chinese traditions is the anchor on which the functionality of the body depends, that is, the relationship of each part of the body to the meridian dots determines the health of the individual. Problem comes up when the meridian paths are obstructed thereby preventing the proper flow of energy. The inability of energy to flow freely causes illness and destroys balance. As earlier said, the natural synergy system is a complete instruction guide to acquire healing, it is amazing because one does not need to know anything about Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure or sound therapy as everything is contained in the product. This program provides an in depth knowledge of this idea and gives information on how to find meridian points. Once the points are found, the individual can then learn how to unlock the blocked energy path. The only necessary requirement is the desire to be pain-free, I’m sure you raised a brow at the words “the necessary requirement” until of course you found out it is something you already have, everyone desires to be free from pain!. Well, this program has proved to be a nature’s solution for healing pain! The program works by first getting people to know how their system works and how the system can be improved if something goes wrong. It contains instructions and methods which shows how to fight diseases. Contained in the eBook is everything that a newbie, an ‘oldie’, or even a skeptical person needs to know. This includes the Medicinal Science of Sound which explains all there is to know about how sound works to heal the body and how it can be used to heal oneself. The second part of this product contains the history and principle of Acupressure, a technique used in the old Chinese setting even before the use of Acupuncture, this part explains how to apply acupressure to the body, the benefits that can be derived from it and what to watch out for. There is a third part involving Acupressure Treatments for Everyday Conditions which contains how to treat about one hundred and fifty three specific ailments. The fourth chapter titled Glossary of Anatomical Terms contains thirty one terms that were mentioned in the guide, this is for easy understanding of each treatment. The last part which is part five contains live samples and diagrams for all fourteen meridians contained in the body and is titled Bio-acoustic frequencies (healing tones). Oh! Just for you, there are three bonus eBooks which include: the East-West BP balance, the Eastern Metabolism Miracle and the Acu-facelift Revitalizer.


It is important to note that the benefits of using natural synergy far outweighs the disadvantages, if there are any. Natural synergy will graciously help to heal anyone suffering from chronic pain, enduring ongoing disease, addictions, having fertility and Menstrual Issues or even Anxiety and Depression.
This Natural Synergy guide lists hundreds of the most common ailments, their acupressure points and gives advice on how to heal them. Below are some of its benefits:

  • Interestingly, the program is the first and only to show how to use Acu-Frequency in clearing energy blockages and quickening the natural functioning of the body and mind towards the possession of good health and wellbeing by the individual.

  • Worth noting is the ability of natural synergy to destroy the root cause of 91% of diseases, that is quite a huge percentage!

  • It is even more amazing as it does not require much time, just a commitment of three minutes per day is enough to heal the body.

  • Unlike the use of drugs and surgeries, the guide is much safer to use with no side effects attached.

  • The implementation of this program will help anyone maintain a good state of health.

  • It increases knowledge about acupressure

  • The product is designed for easy understanding of users as it contains detailed and clear instructions.


There is currently no detrimental effect caused by the natural synergy product.


Simon, Phoenix USA stated, “After suffering lingering bad back injury, I was determined to manage the pain without drugs. I found acupuncture to be the only thing that would alleviate the pain. But with my work schedule, it was always an inconvenience to organize therapy sessions. So I began using the Natural Synergy Guide to manage the pain myself, I am thrilled that the relief is lasting longer and my flare-ups are becoming less frequent and far less intense.”

Serena, Canada stated, “I originally bought “Blood Pressure Equalizer” to combat my hypertension. I was so incredibly happy to get off my prescription I went on to purchase Natural Synergy. Since then, the whole family uses it. My daughter recently used one of the relaxation techniques on her infant son for a long flight. He kept quiet for the entire flight.”

Timothy, Ireland stated, “Thank goodness for the Natural Synergy! I had the WORST psoriasis ever! My flaky skin and the red itchy rash were really killing my confidence. Out of sheer desperation, I gave Natural Synergy a try. I’m so happy I did. Words can’t describe how relieved I am to see my skin completely clear up. I felt compelled to tell you and sincerely thank you.”

Santanita stated, “I found Natural Synergy and began using it as soon as I got everything downloaded. The books have great images to help you find your acupoints along with written location descriptions. It really was easy to find the points. It’s only been a couple of weeks for me, so just getting better and feeling better each and every day. I am excited to see what a few months will do for me. I have convinced my husband to try this program to help him with his thyroid. It’s just been a few days, but his energy is getting stronger and his ability to concentrate is getting better. I love having the ability to feel better placed in my own hands. Thank you Natural Synergy!

In a nutshell

Now, you have read for yourself the tremendous benefits in using the Natural Synergy system. It is easy to understand, a less time consumer, very effective yet with no side effects, all towards the healing of the body. Do you still have doubts about this? Well, that sounds unlikely, in any case, why not try using it, at least, there are no side effects, so there are no harm in view. I would strongly recommend the use of Natural Synergy Program to anyone who cares to ask and of course to you too with the surety that just like the ripple effect, there will be a beautiful change starting from your cells and extending to your tissues, then to your organs, systems and to your body and mind, then to everything and everyone around you!


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