Think of curing that diabetes without using expensive pills or depriving yourself of the delicacies you love, no more visitation to the doctor for regular to check up and no more disappointment and frustration from test released. These are testimonies and revelations from the 17,542 patients who were diagnosed with diabetes but have gotten rid of it. Have you ever thought that there should be an end to that medications the doctors keep on prescribing for you over and over again? The truth revealed in the book stated that the insulins being prescribed for patients cure only the symptoms but doesn’t treat the root cause of diabetes. Imagine killing the signs and symptoms that manifest in individuals with diabetes and not eliminating original cause which will lead to increase in demand of drugs for proper medication. So many people walked around with 300 blood sugar level but doesn’t have diabetes. However, when you prick your finger with a meter and you see blood sugar reading 250, it is not because you have diabetes but it is as a result of inflammation. This program has been scientifically proven by doctors before being initialized for use. What do you think could be the cause of heart diseases, cancer, high cholesterol, arthritis and neuropathy that are all associated with diabetes? They all come down to one word called Inflammation. Take your time to go through the review and learn more about the program.

About the Program

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar. The condition can last for years or can be a lifelong condition with serious complications such as heart diseases, arthritis if not treated appropriately. Diabetes has been found to be caused by inflammation by researchers at the University of California San Diego. They found out that an inflammatory molecule is responsible for insulin resistance thereby causing high blood sugar or diabetes. This has been the reason why using insulin and drugs to treat high blood sugar won’t treat the original cause of the diabetes but just the symptoms. The contents of this program are made up of ways to eliminate the major cause of diabetes which is the real reason why people easily gave up taking drugs and ends insulin intake due to remarkable, rapid and positive result in the health state of people that experienced utilized the program. Doctors prescribed pills to lower blood sugar and introduced insulins to assist in combating insulin resistance. Rather than treating the symptoms of diabetes, why don’t you treat it by yourself?
The program is made up of 436+ pages comprising of scientific studies and researches that have been simplified into understandable step by step guides that must be followed to yield a groundbreaking and positive results. The program comes with a 60-days money back guarantee. Just send an email to them and your money will be refunded to you, so it is a risk free program.
The program has helped 43542 type 2 diabetics to gain control of their blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity. However, this year, the program is aimed to help 100,000 diabetic patients.

About The Author

The program was created by Max Sidorov in association with Dr livna who specialized in medical field, Dr Vita who specialized in Joint Arthroplasty, Dr Nezhyni and Dr Harchenko that are also certified doctors as well. They came together to collaborate to perform researches and scientific studies that brought about the program which is based on the natural method to cure diabetes. Max Sidorov is a nutritionist and fitness trainer and he has a website called which he is presently running. The website helps people in finding solutions to diabetes problems and how to cure them naturally.

How it works

  • The program is a detailed book which has 436+ pages which contained information on how to combat type 2 diabetes rapidly in a natural way. It contained different sections and chapters that discusses all the information about diabetes, all what you need to know, astonishing information about diabetes you have never heard before, and how to cure them completely. You will even found more and more comprehensive information in the program. The program has been sorted from scientific studies and researches to simple and easy to understand details of information.
  • The part 1 of the book titled nutrition is made up of 6 chapters which contained different topics of information about the different kinds of foods and delicacies that you should know. The food ranges from manufactured foods like milks and dairy products, vegetable oils and vegetable oil products, sugar containing foods to processed foods like breads, crackers, pasta and finally to junks, food additives and sweeteners which can be beneficial or harmful to the state of health of people.
  • The part 2 of the book is titled Illness and disease prevention. This part tells all what leads to death from diabetes, health tips, the cons of pharmaceutical drugs, health usefulness of some diets, how to improve your health state and many more.
  • The part 3 of the book is titled The Big Diabetes lie. This part contains information on diabetes ranging from it history to symptoms of diabetes to the scientific studies and guides, guides to preventing that diabetes, treatment of diabetes and many more.

Advantages of the Program

  • The program is applicable for two types of diabetes (type 1 and type 2).
  • The program has been scientifically proven by researches carried out by group of doctors approved by many medical practitioners before it was introduced for public use which is quite working positively for different types of people.
  • The program comes with a 60-days money guarantee, so it is risk free.
  • The program is written in a simple way and easy to understand as it has been broken down to bit by bit to level that a lay man could read and easily comprehend everything in it without meeting difficulties from scientific or biological terms.
  • The program is not costly as it is easily affordable in comparison to expensive medications as a result of prescriptions.
  • The book comes in both digital and hard copy form. You can easily go for any one you prefer or even have the two. It all depends on what you prefer.
  • The program contains 30-days plan that will help you to gain positive results rapidly.
  • The program is a natural way to cure diabetes. You don’t need to see any doctor before using the program as you will be the doctor of yourself just by following the step by step guides in the book.


The disadvantages of this program pertaining to health implications has not been found yet.
The only disadvantages there is that you have a lot to read in it and the step by step guides in it cannot be hurriedly done though that may not be considered as a disadvantage . And inorder to access the program, you need a computer and internet connection.


Gary, Austin TX stated “I’ve been Diabetic for nearly a decade. My doctor’s prescribed me on Glucophage which I was taking 3 times a day to keep me between 140 and 175 points all day. After starting with 7 Steps to Health, I noticed that I was able to reduce the Glucophage to just 2 times a day and keep my sugar stabilized below 140 all day. By the end of my first month of all these nutrition interventions, I was able to reduce the Glucophage to 1 time per day and stay stable at 109-115. My doctor is happy. I’ve been following the 7 Steps to Health for 6 months now and I am stable around 90! My doctor was so impressed that he took me off the Glucophage completely. Thank you so much! Everyone should know about this wonderful ebook! God Bless.”
Joanna, Oakland CA stated “I found your site when searching for alternatives to treat my blood sugar rather than using drugs. Your site was very informative and much more thorough than others. I bought the book. Followed it, and, can’t believe it but I am feeling much better. My blood sugar is down, my drug dosages are down, and the doctor said I can even stop taking my drugs soon if I keep this up. Love it! Your 7 Steps to Health book is a life saver and I would urge every diabetic to read it.”
Jana W, Boise ID stated “I recently found out that I am a nearly a border line diabetic and decided that I need to completely change my life and eating habits. I found the 7 Steps to Health, have been following the guide for a few months now and just saw my Doctor a few days ago. He says my condition is completely under control! How could this be, but it is true! He said that I need to keep this up – which was just following your program. That is exactly what I will continue doing.”

In A Nut Shell

Here is an absolute solution to your diabetic problem. It has been scientifically tested and approved for use by medical practitioners around the world. It has helped so many people from around the world. A known side effect of the program has not been discovered yet. The guides in this book are all based on natural procedures to normalize your sugar level and increase your insulin sensitivity. By the time you start using this program properly, you won’t be told before you know that medications are no more essential for you. The program also come with a 60-days money back guarantee. Why not engage in this program and be among the testifiers by the time you started getting treated by the program. Engage in the program today and you will forever be grateful doing so.

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