Have you ever think of how the past generation of humans survived illnesses and diseases? Before this era of pharmaceutical pills or drugs, people have been surviving in one way or the other on some ancient preparations in the ancient days. Before the modern discovery of antibiotics, humans have discovered various types of concoctions, herbs and potions used to treat themselves whenever they get infected by illnesses or diseases. The earth has been bestowed with so many natural products that support life. So many races from different part of the world have detected these products and have been using them for the treatment of mankind before the advent of modern day medicine.
These products were mostly from plants and plant products. These herbs and potions have a wide range of activities that help in improving the health of man. They have been found to be the best way to deal with infections and diseases and have been proven to have no side effects unlike the modern day antibiotics. In the olden days, there are no situations of resistance developed by these diseases to these herbs and potions unlike now that people are now witnessing or experiencing different types of antibiotic resistance. Since the discovery of first modern antibiotics, new kind of antibiotics are not being produced. All what they have been doing is the modification of the existing antibiotics. And there have been increase in antibiotic resistances since these microorganisms are now gaining rapid mechanisms to combat these antibiotics and render them useless which is about becoming the greatest threat to mankind in the world.
Rather than dwelling on using pills over and over that even may take you a while to cure that your infection or disease, why don’t you go for a better program that has a greater chance of healing you once and for all without any side effect or fear of the diseases resurfacing again.

About the Program

This program is a comprehensive and detailed information about techniques and remedies that is applicable to different kinds of health situations. The program is by Claude Davis. The book is made up of important medicinal herbs and potions and their benefits as well as the natural ingredients that sprout the healthiness of the body system to greatness and protecting it from attack from diseases and infections. This book also illustrates how to grow the medicines and herbs in your backyard. This program aids in the improvement of your health and teaches you about remedies that are hidden in nature. These remedies have a range of activities from boosting your metabolism, prevention of diabetes, enhances digestion, protecting the heart from risks, preventing cancer, preventing inflammation, and maintenance of blood pressure level. It is also effective against treating normal health problems like cold, catarrh, sneezing, coughing. The program also come with a 60 days’ money back guarantee in cases you want to ask for refund.

About the Author

The lost book of remedies was created by Claude Davis. It is a detailed program that is made up of a long list of natural remedies. Theses natural remedies were found to have been discovered and used by native Americans for so many decades. He is an expert in the survival aspect and has a 30 years’ experience in this field. He is an author of one of the bestselling survival books “the lost ways” on the internet. He has a website called “Ask Prepper” which he created in 2015 where he gives tips on survival. Claude created the program with the main aim of providing useful information about plants and plant products that surrounds us and how they can be beneficial to man when they are subjected to some processes with the aid of secret techniques and tools that he has put in the book. He feels it is necessary for man to gain this knowledge before they will become wiped away or diminished completely from history.
The program was gotten from his grandfather who was brought up by a Native American Woman. The man put all what he has learnt about herbs, potions and remedies into writing, described all the plants used and differentiated the plants from closely related species of those plants. The man found out the benefit of the natural remedies over modern day medicine when he joined the Army to fight for their victory in WWII. He never hesitated to teach people about theses remedies and his skills and even put everything down in a book.

How it Works

What are those things contained in this book? The main things you will find in the book are:

  • Photos of plants that are used for processing of remedies
  • The names of plants that are used for specific health situations
  • Step by step guide on how to process this remedies and natural cure.
  • Information on how to identify the right plant to use.
  • Detailed tips about which part of the plant to use in the processing
  • Guide that teaches how not to prepare recipes in wrong ways

The way the program works is long and detailed. It talks about different types of health risks and diseases and how to proffer solution to them through remedies stated in the book. The various remedies are many and not possible to brief because it provides extensive cures and remedies for each health problems.
There are bonuses guide in this program. They are as follows:

  • Handbook for immediate actions in a health crisis: It gives knowledge about how to find solution to a spreading infections by telling you the signs and symptoms in order to diagnose them and treat them effectively. It is very useful in the time of urgent response to a health problem when health expert could not make it to the area of infection on time.
  • Medicinal Garden: This will guide you on how you will grow that herbs or plant in your back yard and using it to cure or heal people.


There are so many benefit of using this program. Some of them are:

  • It is easy to follow, understandable and informative
  • It reveals to you the various kinds of trees and plant parts that can help in preventing or combating diseases and cancers.
  • This program comes with a bonus that contained information on how to properly propagate that plant you want to grow in your backyard.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee that put you in a safe situation of not risking loss your money.
  • The remedies in the program has been proven to be original, viable, tested and trusted to function adequately and effectively.
  • This program also makes use of natural ingredients that has multiple functions in the body. They go extra mile in eliminating harmful and toxic compounds that are present in the body system.
  • The program does not have a side effect.
  • The program makes it possible to have beneficial spices added to your meals.
  • It protects you from common diseases that can normally infect the human body system. Common health problems like cold, sneezing, cough, catarrh etc.
  • It enhances the immune system of the body system and improve the health of the body physically, mentally and structurally.
  • The program is very safe for you so far you prepared them in accordance with how it is stated in the guide.


  • You need a reliable internet connection and a computer before you can start accessing the program.
  • The book is detailed and comprehensive. You can be overwhelmed if you decided to rush through the book in a short period of time.
  • The printed version may not arrive on time due to delay in shipping.


Kelly Knapp “Whether you are looking for possible alternative treatments to everyday conditions, a prepper wanting to stock up on various supplies, or just curious about history of folk treatments, this book is an excellent reference source. The table of contents is arranged by weed, flora, and fauna not the appendices cross references the remedies by ailments so it is not difficult to access the treatment needed.”
Ravi Sarkar “Another great work by Claude Davis and I am so glad I have bought it, The Lost Book of Remedies provide a huge number of herbal medicine that useful to treat a variety of condition and illness. This survival guide focused on the holistic/natural cures prepare, make remedies easier to get even if you are not an expert on the herb field. All the remedies described clearly with colored illustration and photos, make it easy to understand and no confusion. Amazing herbal book.”

In A Nut Shell

In as much as the program is safe, it will be beneficial for your health and has not been proven not to work on anybody, then why not go for this program to keep yourself safe from health problems and eliminate any kind of body dysfunction in your body system. This program is capable of potentiating your health status to the best you ever dream of. Since the use of natural herbs and ingredients are even alternatives to antibiotics, why not go for a program without side effect. Make a choice to engage in this program today and you will not regret doing so.

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