Unlock your Glutes!

Unlock your Glutes!

They say the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. I tell you, your glutes are the powerhouse of your body, a higher percentage of what you do flows from this area, whether you are jogging, walking, running or just on a spot. Have you heard? That the stronger your glutes, the more efficient your movement. So true! Just build up your glutes and you have your other activities rolling in effectively. The ‘Unlock Your Glutes’ program gives all the necessary information you may be needing to get your glutes into shape. But before you purchase, let me share a sneak-peek of what you will be enjoying once you purchase this program.

About the program

Considering the wrong pieces of information about glutes training people flying around (some obsolete and some by instagram fitness individuals who do not even rightly understand the human physiology), this program was developed, to fight against the misinformation and myths some trainers keep pushing on you! “Unlock Your Glutes” contains the best of knowledge from Brian’s expertise and experience when it comes to glute development. The program comprises only two workouts per week over the course of four weeks. It is the first program designed to cause growth in the butt by hitting every muscles from every plane in each exercise type. The package includes the ‘unlock your glutes’ manual which exposes all the myths and misconceptions about growing the glutes. Based on Brian’s experience and latest science, the program shows :

  • An easy-to-use blueprint of why the glutes are so important to the health and how to get the best looking and performing rear end.
  • In this program, he also shares exactly what works, including detailed, highly specific breakdowns and pictures of each exercise, clearing off every doubt of what to do and when to do it.
  • The program explains why most glute programs fail to promote the growth of a powerful healthy rear by getting the science all wrong and why you have not been experiencing progress by following them.
  • It explains the mistake most trainers make by focusing workouts on the wrong part of the glutes and what to focus on to achieve a better glute.
  • It also talks about why most glute programs by instagram fitness individuals are almost worthless, what specific exercises you need to do if you have a flat butt that will entirely cause a transformation making it a rounder butt.
  • It explains the hidden impact of weak glutes on the body posture and upper body health that leaves physiotherapists looking for the real causes of headaches, upper back pain, shoulder tension and neck pain in patients.
  • It talks about how the glutes are in constant war with another one of the body’s “primal power” muscles and how to stop the glutes from losing out, remember, the glutes losing out could put your body in a position of being weak and imbalanced, leading to diminished performance and a higher risk of injury.
  • The program explains why sore glutes are not growing and how to recognize when you are making real gains with your butt workout.
  • It explains why the only way to get the glutes gains and growth you desire is through micro-targeted exercises.
  • It talks about the training phase that most workouts miss that prevents you from getting your desired butt.
  • It touches how to “flip the switch” on a natural bodily process that compounds all your hard work in the gym and rapidly sculpts your butt muscles.
  • It explains the number 1 reason athletes fail to score a nice looking butt, this all stems from how seriously they take cardio.
  • The program points out an inhibitor of muscle development and fat loss that will most likely shock you.
  • And many more…

About the author

Brian Klepacki aka Coach Brian is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a master’s degree in exercise science, he is the developer of the ‘Unlock Your Glutes’ program. He has dedicated over a decade of his career to working at the cutting edge of training and exercise science. The fact that he is in the trenches using trial and error and applying proven principles daily, working out with athletes, body builders and fitness models has helped him know what exactly works. He has a testing ground in Clearwater, Florida, where he works with athletes by applying the latest science to improve their performance, health and wellbeing.

How it works

A number of people misunderstand the muscle and how to activate the glutes because they misunderstand fundamental training principles. There are three glute training obstacles that stand in way of getting a strong, powerfully shaped glute:

  • The squat myth: Now the glutes are made up of three muscles, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, with each playing a role in stabilizing, supporting and mobilizing the legs, hips and lower half of the body. Glute muscles need to experience three planes of motion to grow. To get that shapely glute, all three planes of motion must be trained to fullness – vertical, horizontal and rotational. However, the squat school of thought focuses only on the vertical movement ignoring the other two movements. It is also important to know that to stress each muscle, different exercise strategies are required, therefore to guarantee you target every part of each muscle, three different exercise strategies are needed.

The ‘unlock Your Glute’ program tackles this, you need to know that to fully develop your glutes, your training needs to focus on two elements which are: Glute-specific movements and targeting all three muscles, with all three exercise strategies in all three planes of motion.
One big mistake holding people back is that they think the squats, lunges and deadlifts are glute exercises, whereas, they are leg exercises which only activate the glutes incidentally.
The unlock you glutes program contains about 36 glute-specific movements to target each part of the butt.

  • Super Long Gym Workouts: who says super long workouts is what is required to build your butt? It is okay to take a long time training an entire body but the glute? No! In fact, if a killer glute workout exceeds 15 minutes, it could be counter-productive.
  • Sleeping Glutes: Endless studies show that sitting for too long hours affect our physical health. Dead butt syndrome or gluteal amnesia occurs when the glutes stop firing as usual, the technical term for this is ‘Inhibition’. When you sit for a long time, the glutes are not activated, thus they get weak, other muscles are then forced to compensate for your glute weakness, and this may result in lower back, knee or hip pain. What is worse is that you can suffer from this even if you exercise regularly because you can’t out-exercise the effect of sitting. Our muscles are dormant, so we need to wake them up, the key to unlocking your glutes is its opposing muscle, the hip flexor, oh! I hope you know sitting tightens the hip flexors preventing the glutes from firing. To fire your glute, a two-step protocol is used:

a) Dealing with the tight hip flexors and

b) Reactivating the glutes. To reactivate the glutes, the technique, neuromuscular activation, is applied, this technique restores the mind-muscle link between the brain and the glutes which is lost when one sits for too long .Streching, followed by muscle activation is the only way to kick the glutes back from being dormant.

Now, the number one exercise to develop a rounder, stronger butt is the ‘Hip thrust’, a 2017 study in the journal of strength and conditioning research proves this glute movement is ideal for protecting the spine and knees from unwanted strain associated with squats and lunges, developing strength and power at short muscle lengths and maximizing muscular hypertrophy of the glutes, the hip thrust exercise can be performed thus:

  • Seat on the ground and have a bench rightly perpendicular to your position and directly behind you, lean your back against the bench so that your shoulder blades are near its top, then start the movement by driving through your feet, extending the hips vertically,
  • With your chin tucked to your chest and your abs contracted, lift your hips up as far as possible, then reverse the motion to return to the starting position.

Now, I am sure the hip thrust would really help, however, the mission was never to settle for a lesser benefit when you can get the best to take your glutes to a higher level, other strategies required and their respective applications can be found in the program, they include essential techniques such as

  • Restorative learning, which releases opposing muscles inhibiting the glutes,
  • Neuro-muscular activation, which develops the mind muscle connection and primes the butt for optimal recruitment of muscle fibers,
  • Spine Protecting Movements, this does not need pressure on the lumbar spine or knees so that the exercises are 100% safe for people of all levels,
  • EMG Proven Muscle Recruitment, it proves to stimulate the most muscle contraction and effectiveness,
  • Iso-Holds is an under-utilized technique to build strength and power without having to lift any weight,
  • Time under tension tempo varies the repetition speed under resistance for the eccentric and concentric portion of the lift to make the workout faster and more efficient,
  • GM3 Method which is a science backed approach to wake up and prime the largest sleeping muscle can be achieved by first waking up, priming and activating the glutes, then releasing inhibiting muscles, after which you exercise to build up strength. This approach is a good one for athletes, it first speeds up the path to more ‘junk in the trunk’ in less than 30 days, then rapidly adds size and power to the glutes therefore unlocking the sleeping giant within so that a new level of athletic performance can be experienced.

Much more on how to build up the glute are found in this program!


  • The program can be easily understood and contains pictures to aid the process of understanding,
  • The program is not gender-limited, meaning, it can be applied by both male and female,
  • The program does not consume much time before it shows its effectiveness,
  • The price for the program is very much subsidized,
  • There is an avenue to refund customer’s money, therefore, any customer who isn’t satisfied with the program can return and expect to get their money back.


Stephanie stated, “Training glutes is one of my favourite body parts to hit. Brians’s workout really targets them from all angels. From heavy weighted thrusts to simple weight exercises you can do from home. This workout will definitely keep that rear view tight”
Amanda stated, “My glutes were sore for days after working with coach brian, he is the best trainer in the world when it comes to building a better booty. I highly recommend you try his workouts. They worked for me and they’ll work for you too! The variety of exercises and angles are really different and fun to perform. You are going to feel awesome afterwards
Jim stated, “I used to be the flat butt guy. That’s not a problem for meanymore after training with Coach Brian at the Compound. My background is in endurance sports, so my ass needed a wake up call ( My wife says whatever I’ve been doing, it’s working. I give the credit to Coach Brian. If you want to get rid of your flat butt, definitely try this program.”

In a nutshell

You have learnt so much, yet it is nothing compared to what you’ll find in this program, at a very much subsidized price, you can simply order the program and stand the chance to build a shapely butt!


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