Yoga Burn Try Out Total Body Challenge

Yoga Burn Try Out Total Body Challenge



Are you a woman looking to lose some weight? This piece on Yoga burn is definitely for you. Of course you know weight loss is not a roller coaster, but this technique works wonders, this is why you need to give it a try.
A lot of people have given up on their dreams to lose weight because of the stress and common disappointment associated with it. If you are tired of jumping from one program to another, then try this and make it your final stop. Or you are the type who doesn’t mind going to the gym to shed some pounds, but your problem is lack of time for it, try Yoga Burn!

About Program



The Yoga Burn Program, which is also referred to as “her yoga secrets” is an easy, simple beginner friendly 12-week natural weight loss program, invented by Zoe Bray Cotton. The technique is also fantastic for women who are looking to achieve fat loss, improved metabolism, or simply tighten up certain areas of their body.

The core of the Yoga Burn program revolves around the use of dynamic sequencing yoga, which helps greatly in achieving a tight(er) and a finely toned body, all in the comfort of your home without needing to step your foot in a yoga studio or the gym.
Trust me, after trying this program, you are not going back to any other program!

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About Author



As earlier mentioned, the Yoga Burn program was invented by Zoe Bray-Cotton.
She’s not some random person who stumbled upon a lucky, working exercise for weight loss. She is a certified yoga instructor, a personal trainer and an expert in female body transformation specialist.
Apart from all that, Zoe Bray-Cotton teaches Yoga practice for stress relief and weight loss, this is why the effectiveness of the Yoga Burn program is not so shocking.

How it works



Let’s bear in mind that no one ever said the Yoga Burn cannot work for men, but it is mostly attributed to women because men naturally would prefer to hit the gym and blow off some steam, instead of participating in some “girly” yoga.
Now, let’s not get any ideas yet. Saying “girly yoga” doesn’t mean the program is easy or for lazy people. As a matter of fact, most people who have tried it, men inclusive, reported that the program was one of the toughest they ever tried.
Tough doesn’t necessary mean it will work, but generally in the world of tough yoga programs, Yoga Burn is said to be the best yoga workout DVD for beginners. The program is very easy to remain compliant to, for the entire 12 weeks duration, especially as it doesn’t require that you have prior experience of yoga workouts. Check out the following categories, if you fall into any, then Yoga Burn is definitely for you;
IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY: Apart from the fact that Yoga Burn is a very effective weight loss program, yoga is already (naturally) for improving body flexibility. The program will further help you relieve pain that might have been caused from hip extensors or low back muscles, which may affect normal daily activities.
NO PRIOR WORKOUT OR YOGA EXPERIENCE: Perhaps you have never tried to workout or practice yoga, this is your opportunity to begin. It has been stated earlier, that Yoga Burn requires no prior experience. It is completely beginner friendly. You start slowly and progress smoothly.
SCHEDULE FRIENDLY: Time they say is money. If you are the time who has been obstructed from trying to lose weight or practice yoga due to other commitments you have, then rejoice, Yoga Burn is here for you. It is specifically for people like you. Another add-on is that you can practice in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you find serene and comfortable enough.
WEIGHT LOSS : Of course weight loss! If you are looking to shed off some pounds, the Yoga Burn is definitely the program for you. Especially as women wouldn’t mind shedding an extra pound at any time; this program is just that jewel you have been searching for. As if it doesn’t offer enough already, with this program, you can practice alone, without anyone there judging you or insulting your efforts.
NEW MOTHERS: The program is also very good for women who just put to bed, and are still dealing with the weight gain experienced before delivery, which has carried on to the post-natal period. If you are wondering whether it will affect your time for the baby, of course not, you can easily practice when your little sweetheart is napping.
Can I do Yoga Burn while pregnant?
A very important question, this is, the answer is Yes, you absolutely can. It is highly recommended that pregnant women take advantage of the yoga burn videos, The Beginner Flow and The Tranquility Flow are particularly essential throughout all stages of Pregnancy.

Benefits of the programme


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Although, the Yoga Burn program does have weight loss, body tightening, body toning etc to offer, it has other bonuses attached. The following are things to expect when you purchase your copy;
The Yoga Burn program has 3 phases, divided into 4 weeks each, with in depth video tutorials on how to perform 20 different poses.

The Yoga Burn program will work for most women, regardless of initial experience or the amount of weight you wish to shed, it will bring you closer to your goals.
The Yoga Burn program was created by seasoned yoga expert; you can trust you are in very safe hands.
No extra payments needed, like gym membership fees, certain type of cloths, transportation costs etc. it is all you and your program copy.
As if things couldn’t get better, the Yoga Burn program comes with an unconditional 60-day Money-back guarantee in case you feel the program is not for you.

Additional Benefits:
It comes with bonus audio clips for each of the session which you can listen to on the go, or use retry steps you might have missed.
It offers a bonus tranquility class which teaches how to relieve stress levels, and boost your recovery subsequently.
Immersion community – A special community dedicated to women following the program, to offer them support, as well as, further access to coaching and mentoring,
Yoga Burn monthly – Optional DVDs used to introduce users to other types of yoga, like restorative yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and yoga asana. It is usually recommended for people who would like to still remain on the program.
In addition, you have the chance to buy a second copy of the course at a discounted price, probably for a friend or as a gift to somebody that needs it.

Disadvantages if any

It is a common saying, that there is nothing with an advantage without a disadvantage. The Yoga Burn does have its benefits, so also are a few associated disadvantages.
A LITTLE PAIN: If you have never practiced yoga before, you should ready your mind and body for a little pain in the first couple of sessions. The reason being that your body is not used to the kind of exercises you will be doing. But in no time, say two weeks, your body will get used to it, and carry on just fine.
NOT FOR ALL: If you have practiced advanced yoga or strong yoga poses before, the program will not yield any desired results. It is
DIET CONSTRAINT: The Yoga Burn program will require certain tweaks to your nutritional plan. For people who might have issues adjusting to a certain nutritional plan, this is definitely a problem. Although, if one is determined, it is not much of a deal. You just need to critically look at your current diet, and make certain changes to it. After all, your weight loss goal is important too.
You can try to reduce the amount of carbs you consume daily, because it forces the body to dig into stored body fat in to provide energy. You can also try consuming healthier omega-3 fats. It is also a great way of promoting your body recomposition goals as well as promote overall health in the process.


There are so many reviews of Yoga Burn from users of the program and a significant amount of the reviews point in the positive direction.
Jennifer Mason – “I am on week three. I started because someone commented that it helped with their running and let me tell you they weren’t lying! I have been doing 15 minutes of yoga (I prefer the week 1 routine) prior to my runs, along with the yoga burn challenge 3 times per week and I finally feel great! Was suffering from knee pain, sciatic and back pain. I am up to 7 miles on my long run days and believe the yoga has been my secret weapon. Thank you Zoe! P.S. when my dog hears your voice, she takes her position on her dog bed so she can watch me practice!
Lyna Tocko – “I bless the day i saw this on my newsfeed . So often we get all sorts of adverts not knowing what is genuine or not, but i can definitely vouch for Zoe and this program. Thanks for all the support and inspiration.”

The customers are more than happy with the program. This is enough proof to show that the program truly works, in as much you apply what you learn and dedicate time to put it to good use.

In a Nutshell


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Your search for the perfect weight loss program is finally here – THE YOGA BURN PROGRAM. It offers so many qualities and proven promises you are looking for. If you despise the gym, this is for you. If you want a program that doesn’t rush you, yoga burn is for you. Need muscle flexibility and toning? Yoga Burn got you. Weight loss? Yoga Burn is definitely your answer. Above all, it comes with an almost unbelievable 60-day money back guarantee. The Yoga Burn Program is honestly a steal.
It is tested and trusted. You can’t choose any other program over this. I am definitely recommending it to anybody I find interested in weight loss.


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